Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jarom's Senior Portrait by Gates! I love, love, love it!!!!!!!

So it's been a long long time since I've posted. I finally am learning how to use our new computer. Lifes been full of busy-ness. I love my family and am proud of every single one of us. Here's just a touch at whats been happening in our family below.

Jarom's doggie wash Eagle Project:)
Jarom and Haley Prom night

Jarom has GRADUATED H.S. on May 20th. It was the best graduation we have ever been too! Only an hour!! It was sweet and to the point. We are so proud of him. He is our last child to graduate H.S... Addison and Rigdon will be next in the fam. Only 18yrs away.

Jarom's pole vault pics by Gates!!

Landon and Faith just found out this week they are having a BOY!!! Yeah. Landon is very unhappy about this-haha- He really wanted a girl- I feel so bad for him because he is heart broken-haha- But I think he will live and get over it soon- You can see the baby on Faith's facebook and blog.
Make sure you check out Gates and Tausha's blog too to see our twin granbabies Addison and Rigdon. Cute, cute, very, very cute. Nick is raking in the money and Nicky sold her first house!!!
That's it for now:)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Year

So I noticed it's been 4 months since I posted last. Wow just a busy life I live. We had our two new grand babies on Nov. 10, 2009 Rigdon and Addison. It was so awesome! They are the cutest.!
We had all our children for Thanksgiving this year which made up for last year having non of them. We loved it! Made it through Christmas with the help of Faith! Everyone needs to give her a thanks for all the shopping/wrapping help she gave me. It wouldn't have been as great without her. We had all our kids over for christmas eve and christmas morning. Its was amazing and the BEST EVER!! Now its a new year and hope we have a lot of fun, laughter, growth & great times ahead. As soon as I learn how to use our new computer I can post some pics. In the mean time I think we have an amazing family and amazing friends:).

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Addison & Rigdons baby shower:)

So ya this is it! Tausha, Addison, Rigdon & all their gifts! I must say they are LOVED & THANK YOU to everyone that came to the shower! It was awesome to see everyone!
Fav. cousins Amanda & Tausha! Amanda the pro with twins has a girl & boy also:) So fun!

Faith & Laura enjoying all the gifts! And yes that's Faiths baby:) ha ha NOT
REALLY its her cousing actually! Don't start rumors that arent true!

Faith & Nicky who is secretly wishing these gifts
were for her! ha ha

Looks like Lauras behind, Tausha, Gma Deena to be, Faith & Vicky Lamb

Wow it's a cake of diapers & coated with everything else you need!

Addisons first night gown

It was so much fun seeing all the gifts and feeling like Tausha & Gates are getting prepared to bring into this world 2 beautiful babies from Heaven. What a blessing all the gifts are!
Thanks so much for all your loving help Faith, Nicky & Irma!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Family camping vacation at Kiabab Lake

Our Family camping vacation at Kiabab lake was so awesome because I was with my family! I dislike camping very, very much and prefer Hotel style but ALL my family LOVES to camp!
I'd much rather be camping with the people I love then in a hotel room by myself! So here are some pics---
I think we need 1 more ice chest.......

Tausha and the Twins!

Jarom the fire watcher!

Faith and Landons Tent that looked like the master camp for the terriost ha ha

Nicky just enjoying the camping view!

Nick the master of wood chopping!

The Kayakers Faith and Landon:)

Fisherman Gates and Dave

The Nicks going fishing!!

Oh my Nicky, Faith & Landon enjoying crazy dog moose!!

Gates & Moose bonding!

That's it for now you can check out my facebook to see the rest!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

July 11, 2009

On July 1st we took my Dad to hospic not knowing he would pass away 11days later. Wow what an experience living at hospic with him and all my family for 11 days. He passed away on July 11, 2009. I will never forget that experience. Things happened and things were said that were life changing. It was amazing and alot to process. It was hard but rewarding. It was the bitter sweet experienc. It was an experience that wasn't in my plans last month but here are some pics that are priceless to me- A thank you to all our kids for being there and loving and supporting their Grandma. Everyone was able to be there except for Landon. So just pretend he is standing next to Faith. He was called to go to scout camp. Well camping on the beach in calif with the teachers and priest isn't exactly scout camp. ha ha it's more vacation I think:)